CHIFF Legislation: Michele Bachmann

National Adoption Month has come to a close, but orphanages, adoption agencies, orphan advocates, and legislators work year-round to ensure the rights of children without families. This year, new bipartisan legislation was introduced to preserve families and fix the functional problems within our system that make adoption unnecessarily difficult. 

Michele Bachmann (R-MN), one of the backers, guest wrote an article for The Christian Post called A Voice for Orphans, which explains the bill and why we need it. These are three main goals:

1) Streamlines and simplifies the international adoption process by consolidating responsibility for all adoption case processing.

2) Creates a focal point within the Department of State for vulnerable children that would focus on helping other nations build their own capacity to better protect their own children, and to unite them with families through family preservation and reunification, kinship, domestic, and international adoption.

3) Requires implementation of the 2012 National Action Plan on Children in Adversity, which essentially provides for a “pilot project†in which U.S. foreign policy would, for the first time, make family-based care a goal of our foreign assistance to orphans and vulnerable children.

Learn how you can get involved and have a voice for the children that would benefit from this legislation on the CHIFF website.


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