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Chicken Coop Project in Haiti: An Update

This is an update from a post in March 2014 about a very important project in Haiti (see Related Post here).  Below is from staff in Haiti:

“It has been a very long process but delivery was taken of the first 200 chickens last week. They have had training and good advice from the source regarding caring for the chickens, and they look forward to soon reaching capacity of 200 eggs a day for the kids.  They have to hold some of the eggs back right now in order to continue to buy chicken feed.

You can see the size and the professionalism of the coops in the photos. There is room for 1000 chickens. We would like to build up to that number very soon, so the eggs he has to sell do not subtract from eggs to feed the kids. After four years of laying, each bird will be butchered for meat.

This has been one of our biggest dreams — and everyone on this list — Moms-Without-Borders (Manitoba) and Michelle Reed's traveling group (American World Adoption), Ken Potter, Laura Trinnaman, and others, are to be sincerely thanked for making this possible.

Just for your information — we have taken our first delivery on tilapia from a local source.  If you haven't visited the Orphanage in a while — we have set up a bread bakery and a full-time baker.  So, the kids' diets are being supplemented now with fresh eggs, fresh fish, and fresh bread. Our next focus so far as improving our food supply will be to get our garden established.  

If you are aware of, or work for, a corporation which might be interested in corporate giving — we are always grateful — and very needful — in keeping the Orphanage afloat, financially.”

Great news but more work to be done for these children.  If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact to learn how.  Learn more about our Haiti program here.  Please continue to pray for the children of Haiti!

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