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Cheerful Morgan Needs a Family of His Own!

Cheerful Morgan Needs a Family of His Own!

Meet Morgan–a happy and sweet music loving 3 ½-year-old boy who is currently in a program with Love Without Boundaries.  Little Morgan dances at the sound of any beat. You can’t help but smile seeing several of his music videos where he happily dances with great rhythm and tries to sing along to the music. Morgan lives with a foster family and is close to his foster mom and grandma. He gets along well with the other children in the home.  He is cheerful and easygoing, likes to interact with people around him, can understand adult’s instructions and follow them. He can complete daily tasks with help and guidance, but assistance is needed due to his eye condition.  Morgan has been diagnosed with congenital glaucoma and corneal ectasia with leukoma (a white opacity in the cornea of the eye ). His bloodwork revealed mild anemia and several panels were positive for Hep B antibodies. (HbsAb, HBeAb, HbcAb) He is walking, running, jumping and can go up and down stairs. His file noted a language delay as of April 2017; however, it notes that he is speaking in small 5-10 word sentences.  Current plans are being made to transfer him to BETHEL where he can receive extra assistance for his vision condition.

Morgan is a Special focus designated AWAA partnership orphanage referral and families at any stage of the process or considering adoption are welcome to inquire and review his file. Please contact our staff at or by phone at 800-429-3369 to learn more. You can also fill out a FREE pre-application to determine eligibility.

Please join us by being an advocate for Morgan and share post this with others you know. You never know how sharing this post may bring about a family for sweet little Morgan! If you know families who are interested in adopting children with vision conditions, please help us spread the word about this sweet boy. Curious about adoption and visual impairments? Read a family story here.


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