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“Chance” is waiting

Four-year-old “Chance” is described at fun loving, happy, content and sweet. One Orphan team members report that he is very responsive and loves to color and complete art projects. One team member recalls that Chance “loved to give high fives and was constantly smiling during their visit.”

Judd 1

Chance has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Overall, Chance seems to be in good health and developing well.  Reports state that Chance is able to respond to speech, imitate speech and follow simple instructions. His caretakers feel that he is developmentally similar to children his age. Chance has good gross motor skills. He can jump on one or two feet, throw a ball and loves to copy what he sees others doing. His fine motor skills are also good. He can pick up small objects and use crayons and pencils. Chance is not fully verbal but team members have reported that he can still express his needs through other forms of communication. Chance currently lives in a foster home and attends school. He is also able to feed and dress himself without assistance.

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For more photos and to review Chance’s complete file, please contact or call us at 800-429-3369. We’d love to share even more about this precious boy with you and connect you with others who have met him and have even more stories to share! A family at any stage of the process is eligible to pursue Chance's adoption. Please join us in being an advocate for Chance by helping to share his story with others. 

Together, we can help him find his forever family.


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