CEO Visit to Ethiopia

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Last week our CEO, Brian Luwis, travelled to Ethiopia to visit with the children, our staff, and officials in Addis Ababa. Upon his arrival to the Transition Home, the children surrounded him wanting to shake his hand, excited to ask him questions. One of the sweetest moments occurred when he answered the question of why he started America World. He talked about his personal story, his own adopted children, and how adoption is part of God’s plan. He ensured every child that they are special and that adoption was not a plan B for his family or any family, but that adoption is a reflection of the beauty of the Gospel. One of our staff members noted how excited she was to see the kids learn about God’s heart for adoption. 

ethiopia adoption

Brian felt very thankful to meet with the all of the children and our many staff members in country. He took the in-country staff out to thank them for their hard work, tirelessly working to ensure children who need a family will be placed in a family. We would not have a program without the amazing work provided by this group of individuals!

ethiopia domestic adoption

While driving in Ethiopia (which is always quite the adventure!), our staff pointed out the America World sign advertising domestic adoption. America World has many side projects in Ethiopia including child sponsorship, domestic adoption, and providing jobs to mothers in order for children to be in families and out of orphanages. 


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