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CEO Update

The election season is past, and my prayer for our President Elect and for our Congress is that they'll have a plan to help orphans around the world — and that they'll be supportive of adoption and the U.S. foster care system.  When both Presidential candidates were asked by Rick Warren, they said they'd be supportive of a program similar to PEPFAR for orphans; let's pray this will be true.

Our agency is excited about the progress we're seeing with many of our programs.  In our El Salvador Program, there are three children's referral information that families are able to review.  There will be more referrals in the future – but for now, the referrals are a great sign that progress has been made.  Our co-worker Alexis Castro is back from his honeymoon and has been busy with work on Dossiers, meeting with OPA, etc.

We only have one month left with Duni Zenaye in our office in McLean, VA before she moves to Ethiopia where she will work for our agency. 

Remember, it's National Adoption Month:  celebrate adoption in your church and community!

– Brian Luwis, CEO


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