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CEO Update

Haiti’s orphans
As many of you have seen, there have been lots of news stories focusing on orphans in Haiti.  Tonight at 10pm EST, on CNN Anderson Cooper is going to continue focusing on orphans.  Previously this show emphasized the need for adoption and pointed out that even prior to Haiti’s earthquake, the child welfare system was inadequate at finding homes for children.  My hope is that this will continue to show the need for a comprehensive restructuring of Haiti’s child welfare system.

America World’s Rwanda Program
We have nine families in Kenya processing visas for their Rwanda adoptions!  This is our largest group yet for Rwanda and we’re very excited for these families.  We will be in prayer for these families that their time in Kenya goes smoothly and that their travel home is safe. 

Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit
I’ve been a big proponent of adoptive families participating with the CAFO in the past – and this summit in Minnesota is gearing up to be the best yet.  I am writing to you with lots of advance notice so that you can sign up and attend this event.  I have loved meeting AW families at previous CAFO summits.  Speakers at this event include John Piper, Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman and many more.  You can find more information about the summit at this link.  I will be there and hope to see you there.

Orphan’s Ticket Home Campaign
Thank you!  In 2009 we raised over $170,000 in funds towards our Orphan’s Ticket Home campaign.  This money was used in a variety of ways to help ensure that fewer orphans are languishing in orphanages without anyone seeking to find families for them.  We couldn’t have done this without your help and support.  When we stared this campaign in 2008, our goal was to raise $1 million in five years; we can still do this with your help.  In 2010 we hope to raise over $250,000 so that by 2012 we meet or exceed our goal.

— Brian Luwis, CEO


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