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CEO Notes

We’ve had a busy few weeks here in the office!  January always seems to be a time when we have more applicants than normal, perhaps because things slow down with the holidays, or families are starting the new year with resolutions on beginning the adoption process they’ve been considering for years. 

We’re excited for those families who have recently received referrals or clearances for their ability to travel.  We are also glad that we have three families registered with India’s new adoption process.  We continue to pray each morning at our staff devotions for those families who are experiencing difficulties or long waits with their process.

As many of you know, China just celebrated their new year and they’ve ushered in the “Year of the Dragonâ€.  My family is celebrating Chinese New Year this coming weekend – we’re inviting our Chinese American friends over for good Chinese food, fellowship, and an opportunity to highlight for our children born in China that we value the culture of their country of origin.


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