CEO Notes
January 25, 2013

It’s been a great, busy and full week here in the office.  We have families traveling to China, Ethiopia, Brazil & India and we’re in prayer for all of these families as many of them will be meeting their children for the first time!  What a privilege it is to serve families in these situations. 

If you, like me, received a calendar in the mail a bit late – we apologize for that.  I got mine in the mail, opened it up, and saw the “Merry Christmas” mentioned in the letter and thought, “We’re a bit late wishing folks a Merry Christmas…”…  but I suppose in one sense we can think of every day as Christmas if we view it as Christ being present and alive and our Savior who came to set us free.  However you might look at this, please accept our apologies for this coming later than we hoped.  There were delays with our printer and setbacks with shipping.  Though it’s late, it is great – what beautiful children we have been able to serve.  Thanks to all the families who sent us pictures.

Many of you will have seen our agency’s announcement that we were one of the agencies chosen by Haiti’s adoption authority to receive a license to conduct inter-country adoptions from Haiti.  This is a great privilege and a responsibility we take very seriously.  We look forward to serving the people of Haiti and helping children find loving, safe and permanent families. 

We’re also excited about our agency’s role as we continue to develop a domestic adoption program.  We’ve been able to counsel and assist more women who are dealing with unplanned pregnancies or challenges during pregnancy.  We thank God for our opportunity to provide assistance, support and care towards these women and trust that God will use our work to ensure children grow up with families.  If you know a woman in Virginia who may benefit from our counseling, care and assistance, please have them call or text 703-346-4921.

-Brian Luwis, Founder and CEO

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