CEO Notes – Supporting Religious Organizations

Over the last few weeks, I’ve thought a lot about the recent threats to faith-based organizations in our country and how grateful I am to the many families that have shown support for our agency’s Christian principles over the years.  There are multiple examples in Scripture in which God worked through His people and they followed God’s ways, instead of the ways dictated by the government.  The Hebrew midwives saved Moses instead of following the instructions to have him killed.  In Daniel chapter six, Daniel defies the King’s decree, and is sentenced to death, only to have God rescue him.

Just this past year, our agency worked with other child-placing agencies in Virginia to protect the rights of religious organizations to not be forced to serve clients whose religious views and lifestyle choices are contradictory to our agency’s founding principles.  Many of you showed us support during that time and I know many of you will continue to stand up for religious organizations in our country.  Our agency has been blessed with amazing families that show faithful support to Christian adoptions and we are very grateful for you!


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