CEO Note
May 20, 2013

My apologies for Friday’s quick blog post trying to tackle a big issue in a quick blog on a Friday afternoon. I had a lot of things to say and didn’t get across everything I wanted to. If it came across as defensive or lacking details/specifics – that was not intentional but my fault and I’m sorry. Instead of writing specifically about Ethiopia, I wrote in general trying to make it more relevant to all our programs. I have asked our Ethiopia team to separately put out a posting this week (look for this tomorrow) about ways that we seek to work ethically in Ethiopia.

I do mean what I wrote in Friday’s blog: It’s a truly wonderful thing to know that so many families are concerned about the ethics of international adoption. The blog, written by Jen Hatmaker, is here. Even if I don’t agree with everything, I do think these discussions will only make for more informed families, better performing agencies and will help all of us be more thoughtful as we seek the same purpose of ensuring children grow up with a family.

Look for more this week about our work in Ethiopia and other countries. 


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