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central asia waiting child

Central Asia Waiting Child: “Lisha” Needs a Family

“Lisha” is a darling 10-year-old girl with dark hair and a lovely smile.  She is described as a positive and happy little girl who gets along well with other children and likes to play structured games, especially ones that included balls. She also very much enjoys drawing.

“Lisha” is HIV+ and is doing very well on medication and she has never been hospitalized. She is otherwise healthy and full of energy. “Lisha” is age appropriate and developmentally on target with others in her peer group.

This special little girl is in need of a family that will love her, and she will be able to love in return. Please share “Lisha’s” story and pray with us that a family will soon come forward to love and cherish this precious child.

To learn more about adopting “Lisha” and making her part of your family, contact or call us at 800-429-3369.

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