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CCAA Launches Special Focus Children Program

Starting today, September 1st, families in the China adoption process can adopt two unrelated children with one dossier process in the Special Focus Children (SFC) Program. At this time the program is open to all families who can travel within one year of accepting the referrals. Therefore, the following families can apply:


o   Families who will receive a healthy referral within the next year and who want to adopt a special focus child. For wait times for the healthy referral program, please review blog posts and speak to a Family Coordinator.

o   Families who are paper-chasing and who want to adopt two waiting children.

o   Families who have a dossier in China and will adopt two waiting children.

o   Families who have a referral. Please speak to your Family Coordinator about approval wait times and how accepting another referral can affect their travel timeframes.  

o   Prospective families who start a paper-chase and will adopt two waiting children.



Currently, Special Focus Children are any waiting child referrals that have been on the shared referral system for over 60 days. There are hundreds of boys and girls of all ages who are Special Focus Children  waiting for families. All China Program families will receive an email today with further clarification on these referral opportunities. Additionally, the CCAA will continue to provide details and help agencies as we work together to place these children with their forever families. Prospective families are welcome to call and ask to speak to a China Family Coordinator to learn more about this program. It will be exciting to see how God will work on behalf of these children so please join the China Program team in prayer for these referrals and the families considering their adoption.


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