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CCAA Completes Review of Dossiers for September/October 2007 LID’s

The CCAA has finished the review of dossiers and paperwork registered with their office during September and October of 2007. This means that all families with September and October LID’s for 2007 have been reviewed. The timeframe for the dossier review process varies as it is based upon the number of dossiers that are logged in during the particular month that is currently under review.

What Does it Mean when My Dossier Has Been Reviewed?
Families often ask what it means when a dossier has been reviewed. The review process is when the CCAA is checking all documents in a family’s dossier. If the CCAA requires any additional information or has any questions about the family, they will contact the agency to request this information and the family will then be contacted to follow up on anything that is needed or requested. Though the dossier review stage is most often when any issues or questions about a family’s dossier are addressed, the CCAA can sometimes request additional information once a family’s dossier is in the matching room.

Though it is more rare, families should be aware that they can still be asked to provide additional information at that stage as well.


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