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Catching Up

It has been a crazy few weeks – I traveled to Ethiopia to meet with the US Consulate and with our staff.  We have a large staff there and I was grateful to spend time with them and get to know a few more of them.  I’m also glad I got to meet with a few of the traveling families – I wish we could’ve spent more time together.    After my time in Ethiopia, I spent a few days in Rwanda to learn more about the adoption work there.  It was a great time in both countries.

This week I’ve been focusing on a few different projects – including a humanitarian partnership with MANA which is part of The Kibo Group.  We’re hoping that a partnership can be beneficial to both countries.

My family is going on a mission trip to Honduras to work with an orphanage later this month.  I’m looking forward to this time in service with my family.  I’m also going to be doing some business (my wife can attest that I simply cannot separate work from my vacations!).  I am going to be meeting with more government officials and working with the group that is very diligently working to improve the backlog in the child welfare system.

Our China Waiting Child staff have worked long hours again this past weekend and week to serve the families in that program. Their work drive and effort is inspiring to me. 

Other than that, this week has been filled with some of the routine paperwork, emails and business associated with a medium sized nonprofit.  It’s incredible how much licensing, accreditation and other state corporation paperwork we’re required to pull together on a monthly basis!  It’s worth it though.

For those of you who add our agency to your prayer list, we’d appreciate continued prayer for our work in El Salvador, especially with the transition of government there.  And please continue to pray for the work of registering more orphans to be “paper ready†for domestic or international adoption – that work is needed is almost every country we work!


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