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Cason needs a forever family

You may remember Cason with his cute, round face, polite manners, and big smile!  A Loving Ambassador team recently got to meet him and shared his story here.

One of the team members wanted to share a little more about her time with Cason:

Cason is a sweet, little 6-year-old boy with a great smile and a good bit of spunk!  I saw him several times through the week, and I never saw him upset.  He seemed to obey his nannies well.  At one point, I showed him some family pictures, and after each picture, he would say, “Wow!”  He was delighted with each photo.   He is sunny and extroverted and loves to tease and laugh.  Although his record says he has some delays, he did well on our exam and his nannies feel like he is a quick learner.  He attends 3 classes and does well at them.  For our team, he was found to be able to name body parts and objects and express his needs.  He was also able to say short sentences such as, “I don’t want that” or “I like this”.  He loves music and enjoys humming.  At the motor station, he was able to walk, run and jump.  He was also able to stack cups and unscrew a lid.  Our team noted that he liked to receive affirmation when he did something correctly and that he was very polite, saying ‘Thank you!’ when helped.  He has good self-care and was seen putting his shoes on.  He does wear a diaper at night but is potty-trained during the day.  He helps clean and wipes counters for his caretakers.  No other additional medical problems were noted other than what was on his record. This is a super kind little boy that would thrive in a warm, loving family.  He is a sweet little blessing.

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