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Carl Family China Adoption

Carl Family China Adoption Story: Part 2

As we shared last week, the Carl family recently returned home from China after adopting their daughter, Mia. Jonathan, Brittney and one of their daughters, Sophia, traveled together and shared daily updates through their personal blog. They experienced so much as a family through their travels and the anticipation of meeting their daughter and sister for the first time. This week we will highlight more of their story to give you a glimpse into their family’s experience of welcoming another daughter into their family. If you missed the first post in this series; you can read it here.

As they continued their journey, they wrapped up their time in Beijing by seeing a few more sights, enjoying traditional Chinese food, and soaking up the culture of their soon-to-be daughter’s birth country.

china adoption

The next leg of their journey included a 3.5-hour evening flight to their daughter’s province. Their anticipation continued to build, especially the night before as they shared in their final post before Gotcha Day:

“In about 12 hours we have our big day!  We get to receive Mia around 2 pm our time (2 am ET) and we are thrilled.  Please pray for Mia as this will be a HUGE transition for her. Also, pray for Sophia as she could see her new sister experience many emotions. This can be hard on an excited sister who in her own words “just wants to run up and squeeze her -I love her so much”! We can’t wait to post pics of us all together tomorrow!”

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We love seeing the in-country adoption process unfold through a sibling’s eyes as Sophia is filled with excitement as she anticipates the day when she will meet her new sister. Thank you for joining us on this family’s adoption journey through China. As Jonathan shared, “Mia-Monday is right around the corner!!

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