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Can’t Say “Thank You” Enough!

Thank you to everyone who invested your prayers and finances toward the special chairs, designed to support older children with cerebral palsy, needed for the Chinese orphanage in the Gansu region.  In a matter of only several hours of emailing families and posting this need on our blog, we received more than the $8,400 needed to purchase the chairs! 

I am completely blown away by families' generosity!  Thank you to everyone who has given and has a heart to provide for the needs of the chidlren in this orphanage.  If you gave and haven't yet received a small “thank you” letter from me, please be on the lookout for one.  It is my sincere desire to thank each one of you face-to-face one day for serving the world's orphans through your gifts and generosity.

In just a matter of weeks, you have helped us to raise nearly $25,000!  Of this, $8,400 will go toward the special chairs that seat older children with cerebral palsy.  And the remaining (about $16,000) will be used in the same orphanage and put toward physical therapy equipment and potentially training for the nannies. America World staff members are currently working with this orphanage's director and the CCCWA to determine where the greatest need is for these funds to be used within the new building is – we will let you know as soon as we have confirmed where there are still needs.

To all who have so generously given – thank you for sharing your love and care with the children housed in this orphanage.  Thank you for supporting our Orphan's Ticket Home efforts to care for the fatherless.  Thank you for impacting the lives and well-being of these precious children.  I can't say “thank you” enough for partnering with us!

In Him,

Jason West, Director of Development

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