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“Cameron”: This Happy 3-Year Old Needs a Mom & Dad

Cameron 4 sm
This week we have one of our America World Adoption (AWAA) Storyteller mission teams currently in Guangdong, China visiting one of our orphanage partners. While there, the team met a sweet little boy named 'Cameron' and shared the following:

“This little guy is full of personality.  He is funny, can imitate, and is so smart. He was learning colors and body parts just while eating his lunch.  His nanny called him “clever”. This sweet boy just recently had a birthday and is now three years old.  He is adorable and would be GREAT in a family!” 

Cameron 3 sm
Cameron 1 sm
Cameron has Down syndrome and is designated by China as special focus and is available for adoption by a family at any stage of the process.

Any family interested in learning more about Cameron can email our China team at to learn more or call 800.429.3369.  Please help us find a family for Cameron!


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