Called to Adopt?

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It has been such a blessing to see so many children from the Waiting Children pages of our website matched with forever families over the past few months, and many others referred directly to families.

If you are considering adoption or advocating for orphans but don't know where to begin, there are a few of ways to proceed through America World Adoption.

  1. Fill out a free pre-application. This is an easy way to begin moving forward without a formal commitment. The pre-application is designed especially for those who are not sure if they would qualify to adopt through a particular country, or because of other qualifying concerns. This option allows our Intake department to help determine viable options for families.
  2. Fill out a full application.  A full application is a good choice for families who are ready to commit to the adoption process and have no concerns about qualifying for a particular country/program. Once the full application is approved, it allows families to begin working with America World on their home study and to complete their dossier. This option allows families to either adopt through the traditional process and/or be eligible to become “LID” for a China Waiting Child adoption.  ”LID” families are eligible to adopt “LID-only” children–a designation for a child by the CCCWA, usually for children with lesser medical needs.
  3. We know not everybody is in a place where they feel called to or can realistically adopt. There is an option for you as well, ADVOCATE–we call it BE A STORYTELLER. Share our blog posts with your church family, friends, and on social media. Go on a Storyteller Missions trip to an orphanage.  Pray for orphans who are waiting for a forever family.

Who do you know that is interested in adoption?

Who can you encourage in the Holy Spirit’s prompting?

We encourage you to read through out Programs pages and prayerfully consider where God is leading you.  Our free information booklet is also available in a PDF download, which can be helpful in deciding what the next step will be; whether adoption, orphan advocacy, or both.  Finally, we would be happy to answer any questions you have be contacting us directly at or 800-429-3369.


Free Pre-Application


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