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Calendar Contest Winners!

The winners for America World's 2009 Calendar Photo Contest have been chosen!  These winners will be contacted via email, in the beginning of January, to discuss their prizes.  Thank you to all families who participated in this year's contest.  All America World families – past and present, alike - will be receiving a free calendar in the mail, as a Christmas present from Brian.

Grand Prize (Cover) Winner:  The Barna Family


1st Runner-Up Winner (January):  The Martens Family

Caroline and Mindy Martens

2nd Runner-Up Winner (July):  The Lowry Family


Congratulations to these families and all additional families whose pictures were chosen for other months (who will be sent 5 free calendars in the mail).  The other families featured on other months include:

February:  The Ord Family

March:  The Benson Family

April:  The Gibson Family

May:  The Gertsen Family

June:  The Wegner Family

August:  The Kern Family

September:  The Starr Family

October:  The Masyr Family

November:  The Jung Family

December:  The Moegling Family


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