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CAFO Summit Report

It has been a while since I blogged – and the last time I did ,I encouraged others to consider going to the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) Summit.  Having just returned from the conference in Dallas, I’m now excited to tell you about it:

Although there were many great speakers, I was most impressed by Elizabeth Styffe who represented Saddleback Church’s work with orphans, adoption and the global HIV/AIDS crisis.  Elizabeth challenged all of us to keep our work linked to the work of the local church and to make sure that all our orphan advocacy work is directly seeking to find permanent families for orphans.

At the CAFO Summit, I had the privilege of leading a breakout session with Bill Blacquiere of Bethany Christian Services.  They’re a great organization and are faithful to the Gospel throughout their work.  We talked about the trends and the changing landscape of international adoption. 

While in Dallas, I met with our Director of Social Services in Texas, Adela.  This was my first opportunity to meet Adela and I was impressed with her professionalism, experience and commitment to our work.  We’re grateful for her leadership in Texas.  I also had the opportunity to meet with one of our hardest working Associates.  Darren’s faithfulness and commitment to adoption is an encouragement to me.

I want to end this blog with a mention of Mother’s Day.  From my years volunteering at our adoption agency, I know all too well how this can be a very happy day for some and a very difficult day for others.  Many women are waiting for the day when they’ll be a mother and are wondering why God has made it a more difficult process for them than they would like.  I know the feeling of longing to be a parent – and of having a wife who longed to be a mother.  Despite our hardships and trials, God is good; God is faithful; God cares about our desires and our future. 

I want to offer some of you the opportunity to give your mother the gift of a donation in her name toward the Orphan’s Ticket Home Campaign.  In making this request I want to be respectful of those who’ve already given a lot financially in pursuit of their adoption – and respectful of those who’re waiting anxiously for a long awaited adoption to happen.  I ask this only from those families whose means allow and who’ve already experienced the joy of adoption; if this would be a present that your mother would appreciate, please take the opportunity to bless her in this way.

God Bless,

Brian Luwis, CEO


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