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But It’s Not My Story!

We would like to share with you a two part adoption story submitted by the Hallgren family. We hope that part one of Brenda’s first adoption story will encourage you. They will be posting the second part of their adoption story very soon.

“But it’s not my story!” – Part One
   Written by: Brenda Hallgren

“But it’s not my story!” These words came out of my mouth more than I can tell you! I was 37, single, and had given up on finding Mr. Right. People would often share stories about how “others” found their husbands or how the Lord had blessed them. I just kept thinking … “But it’s not my story!” I found it difficult to find comfort in other’s stories. All I ever wanted was to get married and have babies! After many nights (and years) of crying out to the Lord, I finally surrendered my singleness and decided to let Him write my story as He planned! I was done boxing with God.

After the Lord’s undeniable prompting and the incredible support of my family and friends, I decided to adopt a little girl from China. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be wife, but I knew I was destined to be a mother. That feeling never changed. I went on line to research Christian adoption agencies and made many phone calls to gather information. The call to America World changed my life forever! I felt an instant connection to Julia (who happened to answer the phone that day) and I did not have this feeling with any other agency or person I had spoken with. So I applied to AWAA. China required single applicants to be put on a “waiting list” and I thought I would have over a year before I could even start the paper chase. However, two months later, I received a call from AWAA that said I could begin my paper chase in January 2004 – a year ahead of what I expected!

The paperwork came together smoothly and I was able to submit my dossier to China in April 2004. Once my dossier was in China and was waiting to be matched with my daughter, a friend set me up on a blind date. Being focused on becoming a mother, I started out to meet my date, but turned the car around to head back home. “I don't want to get married anymore, I’m going to be a mom!” was all that was running through my mind. WOW, what a shift of thinking for me! I pulled my car over to the side of the road and called my mom … no answer. I then called my best friend … no answer! What should I do now? So I prayed. (Interesting how we go to the Lord last sometimes!) I felt the Lord telling me, “Go meet him Brenda!” Finally, after a few more minutes passed, and not wanting to embarrass my friend who set us up, I turned my car back around and met Kirk for dinner. I was 15 minutes late of course!

To make a long story short, a few months later, we found ourselves in love and along with my mother, we were on a plane to China to pick up our daughter, Lillian! Two weeks after our return, we had a small wedding so we could begin our lives as a family. Praise the Lord, Lilly has always known Kirk as her daddy and Kirk was there from her “gotcha” moment!


May the Lord use our story to encourage and bless you. And yes, this time, it is my story and He’s not done writing it yet. The Lord will write an amazing story for you too! Be open to the Lord’s leading … walk through the doors he opens … HE will take you in places you never imagined! The Lord is an amazing author.

Stay tuned too, because our story is far from over. The Lord has brought, and is bringing us on another amazing journey through China’s Waiting Children Program!

Praising the Lord!
The Hallgren Family


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