Bus Ads -  Reaching Out to Birth Mothers in Iowa
September 13, 2013


Beginning October 1, bus riders in Iowa City, Ames and Des Moines, Iowa will see ads from America World reaching out to pregnant women who may want to consider the option of adoption. The campaign will run through April 2014 and include a convenient QR Code for women to scan and go directly to our website. The Iowa Domestic Program provides a 24/7 line for women to call or text. We believe it is essential for women to understand they have a real choice; a choice that can offer a life for her and her unborn child. 

Counseling is available to women free of charge. They receive information and compassionate guidance to help them make a decision that is best for them and the child they are expecting. They may be assisted with making an adoption plan; or, if they decide to parent their child, they are referred to counselors at local pregnancy centers such as, Agape, Informed Choices, Alpha Women’s Center, Ruth Harbor House, Birthright, and Innervisions. Each of these pregnancy centers have been visited by America World Adoption – Iowa.  Their services for teaching young mothers to parent are exceptional. 

Those women who choose to make an adoption plan are provided with support throughout their pregnancy and assisted through the process of selecting and meeting adoptive parents, their concerns through the pregnancy, delivery, placement of their child, and afterward for as long as they need counseling. America World also hopes to reach prospective adoptive families who reside in Iowa and are interested in adoption of a newborn through this growing program.


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