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Bring Another Culture Into Your Home!

Loving Host Families Wanted!

Hosting a foreign exchange student is an invaluable and life-changing experience.  You will see your family grow with the incorporation of another individual from a far off land.  You will have the opportunity to teach this person about your homeland and its customs.  In turn, they will showy ou another side of life.  Watch your world and imagination grow as it is reflected in their eyes.

Every year, the Forte International Exchange Association, an independent non-profit organization authorized by the US Department of State, brings foreign high school students to the US to participate in this educational and cultural exchange.

These students come for both semester and full year stays.  They are well-mannered high school aged boys and girls from all over the world.  All students meet standards set forth by our rigorous screening process and pass an English language proficiency test to assure they will be able to fully participate in high school activities.

As long as you have some extra love to go around, that's all you need!  Forte International accepts families with or without children, married or single father and/ or mother figures.  Somewhere in the world there is a student waiting to meet a family just like yours!

To learn more about this great opportunity contact Alex Leeding at  You may also call (202) 628-8226 or fax: (202) 296-8685

Forte International National Press Building
529 14th Street NW, Suite 270
Washington, DC 20045, USA
Toll-free: 1-888-89-FORTE


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