Both Ends Burning – “Stuck” Movie Tour
January 22, 2013

Both Ends Burning has produced a documentary film, Stuck, that captures the adoption process of 4 children being adopted from Ethiopia, Vietnam and Haiti, revealing the challenges faced by adoptive parents (3 families) and children in the process. The organization’s campaign focuses on a nationwide tour to reach out to universities, churches, media outlets, community leadership luncheons, a premier party, the movie premier, and a post-screening event—all happening in each of the 60 cities on the tour. The tour will culminate in Washington, DC with The Step Forward for Orphans March. 

The bus tour has Both Ends Burning staff, but will need major support from volunteers in each city. There are a variety of volunteer roles– drivers, booking engagements, recruiting to fill the theaters, etc. To learn more about this organization and the opportunities to get involved, visit their website where there is more information and a volunteer interest form. 

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