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Boom Fireworks! An America World Giving Partnership

An amazing group of supporters and volunteers in the Greenville, SC area celebrated their second year of support through the sale of fireworks. Yes. You read that right! Fireworks. We love the passion behind this project and the creativity in finding out of the box ways to support the work of America World. Melinda Salle, a Bete Hosanna volunteer, shared the following:

We had a great year this year! We pushed over the expenses line and actually made a profit which was exciting! We actually sold out of almost everything right at the end of the day on July 4! We heard from people that all the fireworks stands were selling out this year so they were excited when we still had a few things, but we even sold out of sparklers by nightfall. It is so exciting to see people returning to our stand from last year and remembering our cause. We had many repeat customers and I can only imagine that we will have even more as we continue year by year. It seems like a lot of people were doing their own fireworks this year due to Covid so sales were good as well as the fact that July 4 was on a Saturday. Jonathan and Danielle and Justin and myself manned the stand from 10am – 9pm daily which was fun and exhausting. We tell every person who buys that their money is going to orphan care in Ethiopia and if they are interested we tell them more about Bete Hosanna and our travels there. We even had a news crew stop by again this year! We are going to be open for New Year’s  as well.

If you live in the Greenville, SC area make plans to stop by for your New Years fireworks needs!


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