Blessing Orphanages Through Storyteller Trips!

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Last week, we had a Storyteller Missions team in the Guangdong province serving at one of our orphanage partners. Here is a short excerpt from the team leader regarding how God allowed them to meet some tangible and immediate needs at the orphanage and how God’s timing is just perfect:

What a joy to be able to be a blessing to the orphanage at which we worked all last week. It was exciting to be able to tell the head teacher at the orphanage just how much we’d be able to bless them with, and she was so excited as well. The desks in the office where we'd met were falling apart and their computers were crashing daily, costing precious time away from the children. Furthermore, the air conditioner in one of the children's rooms had recently gone out, making it incredibly uncomfortable for children and nannies alike during this time of year.

By providing an air conditioner, we were able to meet an immediate need for both the staff and children as this is a very warm time of year for the children. When staff were asked how the computers would help the children, they shared that the computers would help them keep the children's records and statistics better and help file paperwork more efficiently. They were also excited about how they could also use these to help create and provide music and school lessons in a better way for the children.  Our team thought it was so sweet of the staff to set up a thank you sign “in broken English translation” (pictured above) with the desks and computers, along with the baby hats, Beanie Babies, and “taggie” blankets we'd brought along.  

Our team would like to give a very special thanks to all of our contributors for allowing us to ease the burden of the orphanage staff in this way.” 

Your donations always make a difference in the lives of children. We are thankful for our Storyteller Teams and their willingness to go and be God’s “hands and feet”. It is such a blessing and privilege for our teams to be able to be called to go and serve these special children and their caregivers.


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