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home for girls in Ethiopia

The Bete Hosanna Home in Ethiopia is celebrating One Year of life change!

The generous partnership of countless individuals and families has now made an entire year of direct impact in the lives of 10 at-risk teen girls in Ethiopia. The America World family can now look back at an entire year of progress within the walls of Bete Hosanna, a home for orphaned girls who have aged out of the local government-run orphanage. Let’s celebrate what the Lord has done!

In the past year all 10 girls have:

  • received and cooked 3 nutritious meals per day.
  • attended and excelled in trade schools of their choice.
  • used creativity to make beautiful products to sell and help establish their savings accounts.
  • attended daily Bible studies to support their growing faith and dependance on the Lord.
  • benefitted from consistent mentorship opportunities from staff and women with their community.
  • received vaccinations, dental and medical care to ensure a healthy future.
  • participated in goal setting and future-casting for both careers and business opportunities.
  • lived in a safe, structured home environment and learned to keep and care for a home.
  • engaged in enrichment and team building activities.
  • participated in service projects within their community.

The girls have been served by a total of 10 America World teams since the opening of the home. Each team has brought special skills and talents as well as much needed donation items.

As the second year of Bete Hosanna begins we look forward to expanding care and services for 8 additional girls as the first group of girls completes their final year of the program. Generous gifts and prayer throughout 2019 and the beginning of 2020 has made this dream possible! Your involvement in Bete Hosanna, from the beginning, has literally transformed lives and changed futures. We pray that you will continue to stand up for these amazing young women, they are beyond thankful for the opportunities they have been afforded through this special program.

You can get involved today by joining an America World team
or by giving toward Bete Hosanna expansion


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