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Bench Maji Family Reunion 2010

God has richly blessed our lives through our children, our adoption journeys, and the families that were brought together through the adoption of 5 precious Ethiopian boys. The Bancroft family (Jeremiah), the Hutcheson family (Kashiku), the Philips family (Tekle), the Sweeney family (Gavin), and the Weber family (Abrham) had the wonderful opportunity to meet in Indianapolis in March 2010. During this weekend, these 5 precious little  boys – all from the Bench Maji Zone in Ethiopia – were reunited. Families attending the Bench Maji reunion made the trek to Indy from North Dakota, Colorado, Texas, and Kentucky. The Bancroft family organized a fantastic weekend filled love, laughter, fellowship and plenty of time for all of the children to play together, ride bikes, wrestle, and do all things boy-like! We all enjoyed Ethiopian food, Ethiopian shopping, and several of us were able to stay and visit an Ethiopian Church in Indy.

Abrham, Gavin, Tekle, Jeremiah 

Our Bench Maji Family reunion was an awesome and God honoring weekend! What a joy and delight to watch our boys reunite, play, laugh, and love on each other!  We have all learned so much and grown so close by sharing our stories and sharing our children’s stories with each other. It has been a true blessing for all of our families to be connected and help our boys maintain the friendships they had in Bench Maji and in Addis Ababa.

Benchi Reunion 131 
Each of our precious boys arrived home to their forever families between June – December 2009. Lemlem Hutcheson is also pictured. She arrived home to her forever family in February 2010. Praise God for the blessings of adoption!!

Karen Hutcheson

Tekle Gavie Abrham Jeremiah Kashiku


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