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Before & After Adoption


The Hutchinson family adopted two sibling little girls from Ethiopia just a few weeks ago.  Their most recent blog is such a great testimony to the miracle of adoption.

During the 5 months that we waited for a successful court date we received quite a few updates and photos of Ella Furtuna. Over and over we saw a scared and sad little girl.


Ella has been home with us for 6 weeks and has become a confident, happy, goofy and fun little girl. I saw a dramatic change at about the 3 week mark. It seemed like a switch was flipped and suddenly there was nothing but “sugar†in her whole personality. After a few weeks of that “honeymoon†behavior things seem to be stabilizing and I see a more natural balance between happiness and normal crabby or frustrated behavior. Of course, we also have the occasional very bad day with all sorts of the old behaviors showing up.

Things may change by next week or next month, but for now, Ella looks more like this: 

After1 After2


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