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Beautiful Adoptions: The Massey Family

Beautiful Adoptions: The Massey Family

Enjoy a special word from China Program Director Aimee Wilson and an even sweeter update from the Massey family!

One of the greatest joys we have as Family Coordinators is calling a family to share the good news that they have been matched with a child. We sit at a unique crossroads where a child’s life as an orphan intersects with the open arms of a family, changing both stories forever. It is a beautiful moment to witness a child’s name going from a list of names to a cherished son or daughter, forever woven into a family’s heart, lives, and family tree. 

Since referral calls can come at anytime, we often catch people at work, school events, running errands, or even boarding a plane.  For the Massey family, they were actually in line waiting to see Santa! 

Today we got a special glimpse of the place in the hallway where they found a bit of quiet to take that long-awaited referral call. Over the weekend, they went back to that exact spot, one year later- this time with Nathan in their arms. Last Christmas, they had the incredible gift of knowing that he was theirs and the hope that he would be home soon.  But this Christmas, they’ll celebrate new milestones, including the one in the school hallway where it all began and his first Christmas at home with his forever family. As the youngest member of the Massey family, Nathan will join them in line to see Santa, find his place around the Christmas tree, and echo the songs of praise to a newborn King.

Nathan’s mother, Julie, summarized it best, “All glory to God for working out every detail in Nathan's adoption story.” 

We pray that the Hope of this Christmas season, no matter what you may be facing in your adoption journey, would encourage and sustain you as you await the joy of seeing hope one day fulfilled.

Learn more about the China adoption program here. 


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