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Be the Mission


In 1982, Mother Theresa was asked to come and help rebuild a children' hospital and orphanage in war-stricken Beirut.  After convincing the Israeli army and Palestinian guerrillas to temporarily cease fire, she agreed.  When her plane arrived, the heads of government and thousands of people showed up to see her and her entourage begin their mission. They'd expected Mother Theresa to bring an army of volunteers, equipment, and supplies to rebuild the war ravaged area.  They'd organized dozens of vehicles and security personnel to escort Mother Theresa and her crew to the hospital.  Instead, to everyone's surprise, she walked off the plane alone. She met the heads of government and immediately asked them to bring her to the site where the children were being kept.

When she arrived, 37 wounded and mentally handicapped children lay in a tent near the ruins of their former orphanage and hospital.  With a crowd of hundreds looking on, Mother Theresa ran up to one of the children, held him in her arms, and began praying and rocking the child back and forth. 


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