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Be Encouraged by the Adoption Stories of Others and Share Your Own

The tagline of the website Adoption Experiences is “information about adoption by those who know best.”  While other families that are going through or have completed an adoption might not be able to help you in the same way our program staff can, they are certainly a valuable resource into the emotional side of the process.  This site collects adoption information, articles, and blog sites from around the internet and posts in one location.  Although Adoption Experiences is not affiliated with America World, feel free to contact  this site to allow them to link to your adoption-related blog posts, and share the joy of your adoption experience with others.

Similarly, our website has a page of family stories that share the experiences of families who have adopted through America World.  We also provide the contact information of many references that can share, encourage, and advise those who are in the midst of their adoption journey.  Finally, to the right of this post is a heading called “Our Related Blogs,” where you can find country-specific family blogs.

Please contact for more information on adding your blog or family story to our website.


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