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Be A Storyteller for the Unborn!

Birthmother Photo 2
America World’s Domestic program
is working to spread the word to those women and families who are considering adoption, the adoption of their unborn child.  Here’s how you can help:  

Talk to your pastor, youth pastor, or ministry team at your church. America World provides free counseling or referral services to any woman or family who is unexpectedly pregnant.  We want women to know that adoption is an alternative to abortion.  Pass on the contact information listed below so if they are contacted by someone considering adoption, your church staff can directly contact America World's counseling staff.

Share your journey to adoption.  Most of the women who reach out to create adoption plans know an adoptive family directly or through a friend.  God could use your story to reach a woman who is pregnant

For anyone interested in learning more about creating an adoption plan for unborn or recently born child, feel free to reach out via text, phone, or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or visit our website.  

Contacting a birth parent counselor is the first step to gathering helpful information and does not mean you have made up your mind regarding your plan for your baby.   

24/7 Emergency Contacts for Pregnant Women




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