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Be a Reference for America World

Adoption is a deeply personal process that we are privileged to share with families, sometimes over the span of several years. We are grateful to have many families that share their positive experience with family and friends in their church and community. On our References page, nearly 400 families have their contact information listed and are available for a call or email to share their experience with adopting through America World. We can also help connect you with a more specific area of adoption- for example, adopting an older child from Ethiopia or a waiting child from China. 

If you are considering adoption, please utilize this page! 

For our adoptive families, being a Reference is a great way to share your experience of adoption with people who may have questions for a family that's been through the process. While our agency staff handles the program specific questions, only you can speak to the joys and challenges of adding new members to your home through adoption! If you are interested in being a reference, please sign and return this form to (and let us know if you have questions about any of the opportuntiies listed here). Thank you for getting involved in our ministry! 


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