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AWAA Response to Moscow Attacks

According to world news the Moscow subway system was attacked on Monday morning, March 29 by two individuals in a suicide bombing incident.  Several were killed and many more injured.  Some 7-8 million individuals are estimated to take the subway trains each day for their morning and evening commutes. 

While AW does work with facilitators and their staff who live in Moscow we want to assure our families that no one affiliated with our agency was injured in these attacks and no families are currently traveling in Russia.  What happened in Moscow is very grievous and our prayers are with the victims and their families and all the individuals who witnessed such a horrendous event.   

As an added note, when AW families travel in Russia and through Moscow we do not plan itineraries that involve families traveling via the subway.  All our families are escorted by a taxi driver who works with our facilitators in the country.   We do our best in secure the safest modes of transportation for all of our families that travel in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  


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