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AWAA Ethiopia Transition Home: Hear From Rachel About Her Work There

Rachel 1a
As many of you know, America World runs a Transition Home in Ethiopia where orphaned and vulnerable children are able to live as they wait to be adopted. For the past 7 months we have had a full-time missionary, Rachel, living there and working with the children and staff at our Transition Home.

Just one neat thing that Rachel has done with her time at the Transition Home is she has started teaching the older children spoken English. Recently she reported

“Within the last three weeks our older children especially have increased their English vocabulary exceptionally! They are a lot more comfortable using English words, reading English books, and they even ask me now to always speak to them in English! We have spoken class every day during the week for about an hour. I have never seen children who are so eager to learn so that they can better communicate with their families when they finally get to meet each other. Teaching them has been one of my very favorite parts about being at the Transition Home!â€

The Transition Home is a safe, nurturing environment where our children can live, learn and grow as they wait to be united with their forever family. We are grateful to have Rachel there serving in this capacity and excited to hear the news that the children’s English speaking abilities are increasing while they wait!


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