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AWAA Behind the Scenes: Lunch Club!

The staff at America World are some of the very best, and they have a tremendous passion for the work they do. Every once in awhile we like to show you some of the things that happen 'behind-the-scenes' when they are not on the phone, answering emails, working with families or officials in their respective program countries, etc.

These are some photos from a recent “Lunch Club”.  Our Director of Intake, Jennifer Van Ee, explains:

“Every Thursday, America World staff gathers for what is affectionately known as “Lunch Club” where staff takes turn making lunch and we all get together to catch up with each other. It's one of our favorite days!”

We are not sure whose turn it was to make this lunch, but it sure looks good!


Lunch Club 2

Lunch Club 1

Lunch Club 3


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