AW Staff Meets With Kazakhstan Officials

Meet with Kazakh Officials 11.2013

On Friday, November 22 two of our agency staff along with representatives from other adoption agencies met with officials from Kazakhstan to discuss the future of adoptions to the United States. The meeting took place at the Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington, D.C. and was a warm and pleasant exchange between all. We appreciated this opportunity to meet with them personally and express our desire to cooperate with their country to find families for children in need. The officials informed us of recent law changes within Kazakhstan. Though adoptions have not opened up yet, the officials indicated they plan on allowing adoptions to commence once they’ve received outstanding post adoption reports on previously placed children. When Kazakhstan’s new process does begin, it will be under the auspices and framework of the Hague Convention on Adoption.

KazakhstanchopAmerica World will continue to make every effort possible to advocate both for the children waiting to be adopted and the families desiring to adopt from the beautiful country of Kazakhstan. It is our hope to see this process fully underway in the future.

Additionally, we did learn of a free opportunity for adoptive families to give their children a truly Kazakh cultural experience: 

Marking Kazakhstan’s National Day and its 22nd Anniversary of Independence as well as two decades of strong diplomatic relations between the United States and Kazakhstan, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Washington and Consulate General of Kazakhstan in New York invite you to the concerts “Kazakhstan Gala” featuring prominent violinist Mrs. Aiman Mussakhojayeva and Eurasian Symphony Orchestra. 

For more information you can visit the Embassy website. Adoptive families can contact the Kazakhstan consulate in NY or Washington D.C. to receive free tickets for the D.C., Boston or NYC concerts.


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