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Thanks for Coming to the AW Family Reunion!

Dear Families,

Thank you for joining us at America World Adoption’s Family Reunion.  Despite the inclement weather, we had a great time being around you all.  Celebrating Lineker & Amy’s wedding was very special for many of us and your stories about them were very touching. 

We all went to church together, but I forgot to but I forgot to ask for an offering.  Part of the reason I’m emailing you is to ask you to help financially support the outreach work our agency is participating in.  There are a few different opportunities for you to give:

Wedding Gift for Lineker & Amy
Aside from paying for the international flights from China, America World wants to give Amy & Lineker a gift to remember this special event that we had.  If you’d like to help contribute to their trip and wedding gift, please send America World a check with “Lineker & Amy†written in the memo line. By the way, they made it safely home and are touring another group!

Online “Silent Auction†
We weren’t able to do the silent auction at the park pavilion on the Saturday of the reunion, so we are posting the donated items online for bidding.  There are lots of great items, including artwork, a Starbucks Coffee Basket, a Mary Kay basket, kids’ toys, books about adoption, and much more.  We’ll email you in the coming weeks with details about how to participate in this.

Orphan’s Ticket Home Campaign
The Orphan’s Ticket Home campaign is an effort by our agency to help children around the world who live in orphanages.  One result of this campaign is the tremendous success we’ve seen in Honduras, where over 300 orphans have been provided documentation establishing their identities, enabling them to have the opportunity to be raised in a family.  Many of those children have been reunified with their families, placed in foster care, placed for adoption or are now eligible for adoption!

We hope to provide funding to groups doing similar work in Ethiopia, Rwanda, China and El Salvador.  In addition to providing identity paperwork, the Orphan’s Ticket Home Campaign also provides funding to America World’s transition home in Ethiopia and toward America World’s new program development.  Your continued support of this campaign will help hundreds more children have the opportunity for a family.

Hopefully the next Family Reunion will have less rain and warmer weather!  Thank you again for joining us; thank you for blessing Amy and Lineker with kind words and gifts; and thank you for your consideration of supporting our ongoing efforts to provide parentless children with a family!

Brian Luwis, CEO


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