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August 9, 2013

We have had a lot of families traveling to Ethiopia in the past few weeks and expect to have this continue for the next few weeks as families complete court, prepare for Embassy appointments and finally get to come home with their child(ren)! We have been praying for you and will continue to be praying for God to work in your families’ lives in extraordinary ways through your adoption.

We also have had a number of families recently come home from their adoption in China. You’re also in our thoughts and prayers as you transition to a larger family and get to know the unique, God-given personality of your child. As the Psalmist says, “Children are a gift from the Lord…”.

You may have seen on this blog, or through other updates, that our agency now has a guest home in Haiti for adoptive families and missionaries to use. This flowed from a need experienced and communicated by our adoptive families and we hope and pray it will be a blessing to many. The Director of our Haiti Program is currently in Port-au-Prince getting ready to receive the first guests in this home.   

We had a brief, but wonderful, ceremony this past week celebrating a domestic adoption in which we honored the birth mother, the adoptee and adoptive parents. Our agency is grateful to God for letting us participate in his work of empowering, supporting and serving birthmothers, serving adoptive families and having the joy of seeing a child who will grow up with a loving family. Our agency’s work in Virginia, Maryland and Iowa serving crisis pregnancies and supporting women’s right and choice to make adoption plans is a privilege for our staff.

Many of you have seen our agency’s new website homepage. It’s designed to be more functional and informative. Let us know what you think or any suggestions you might have.  Also, we recently exceeded 1,000 followers on our twitter account. If this is a way you like to get updates, news blurbs and keep in touch with us, please follow @AmericaWorld. We seek to use twitter and our FaceBook pages to connect with you in relevant ways, and have our blog as a constant source of information. You can sign up for blog updates to be sent to your inbox if you’re like me, and prefer to get things in your inbox.     

-Brian Luwis, CEO

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