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India Waiting Child: “Audrey” Needs a Family!

India Waiting Child: “Audrey” Needs a Family!

Today we are advocating for 7-month-old, “Audrey” in our India program. “Audrey” has a genital malformation and a non-visualized kidney. Doctor’s suspect that “Audrey” may have congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a condition that results in a genital malformation and is generally treated with surgery and medication/hormones. “Audrey’s” caregivers say she is a joyful child.  Her physical and mental developmental milestones are age-appropriate. She enjoys playing with toys and she will flash a smile to a caregiver that she knows.

America World Adoption (AWAA) has experience placing children with this condition and can even connect you with other families that have adopted children with similar medical needs.

Would you share “Audrey’s” story today? She needs a forever family this Christmas!



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