“Ask AW”: How do you prepare for adoption?

“Ask AW” is a series on common adoption questions written by Jennifer Van Ee.  Jennifer is the Director of Intake at America World. She has a background in children and trauma and a passion for orphan care. She loves being able to combine her faith and her passions in her daily work.

As Intake Director, it is my pleasure to connect with all the families who complete pre-applications. Many of these families are just starting their adoption journey through research. Because of this, I often get questions about next steps and how to start.

While there are many “next steps” and the path is specific for every family, prayer for discernment and wisdom is the first thing I recommend. Secondly, I recommend talking with program staff who work in the countries of interest and families who have been through the process.

Another recommendation I give families is to start to prepare themselves mentally and spiritually for the adoption process through research and training on adoption. One of the trainings I recommend is “Spiritual Preparedness for Foster Care & Adoption: Creating a Culture of Commitment”, a great recorded webinar from the Christian Alliance For Orphans (CAFO).


Spiritual Preparedness for Foster Care & Adoption: Creating a Culture of Commitment from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

Remember, right now there are children waiting who can be matched with families and families waiting to be matched with children. Being prepared spiritually is just one way we ensure the best interest of the child is met during the adoption process.  

If God is calling you to consider adoption, visit our Waiting Children pages to view some of the children who wait. Applications and pre-applications can be submitted from our website to begin the process.

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