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Asher needs a forever family!

Asher needs a forever family!

Asher is a sweet almost 6-year-old boy who e loves to color, put together puzzles, and is comforted with hugs. Asher lives in a foster family with 4 other children and attends school at the orphanage. His caretakers report that he is on track developmentally with other children his age. They describe him as playful, kind, and loves to follow directions. He has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and cognitive delays. Our Hope Journey team met Asher in October 2016 and medical personnel on the team noted that he may need surgery in the future. He has cognitive delays that could be associated with the hydrocephalus, but overall he does not appear to be inhibited in his day to day function.  Asher loves organizing things, categorizing his toys by shape and color, and identifying things in books!


One team member wrote this about him:

“As the children entered the play area, I was drawn to Asher immediately. Why? Was it the bright yellow jacket he was wearing? Was it because he looked like a little ray of sunshine? Was it because he was immaculately groomed and dressed? Or was it his sweet, shy smile? It was all of these!

He was holding his foster mom's hand tightly. Although he was initially shy, when I caught his eye he smiled at me. With a little coaxing, he agreed to sit on the floor mat with me. His foster mom joined us. We had a basket full of Match Box cars which he carefully sorted by color and model. He then lined them up perfectly. His sense of order was evident again when he was drawing with markers on blank paper. He enjoyed looking at books and was able to identify different fruits, airplanes, and other familiar objects.

When leaving and returning to the mat he carefully placed his shoes in precise order. Just another little glimpse into his personality.

Asher is a shy but engaging little guy, who clearly adores his foster mom, and she certainly returned his affection. He would be a delightful little boy for a forever family.


A family reviewing Asher’s file may speak to a member of the team who met him for more information. Asher’s file is designated as Special Focus so a family at any stage of the adoption process is eligible to review his file. Please contact us at for more information or you can submit a free Pre-application online and note “Asher” and our staff will follow up with you.


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