Artist Blog Part II: A Painting Inspired by Isaiah 1:17

Artist and adoptive mom Jorgeanne is blogging the creative process as she works on a one of a kind painting inspired by God's heart for the orphan. Read part 1 here, and stay tuned to learn more about how you can be the owner of this painting!


I am still working on the painting today. As you can see, the canvas is prepped. I know it looks like nothing right now, but it will eventually be a vintage chalkboard style painting with the words of Isaiah 1:17 displayed in several different type styles. I’m so excited about this!

The first step is to get the chalkboard background right. Since the painting is on canvas, I simulate the chalkboard look using acrylics. I’ll then create the type layout in Adobe Illustrator and transfer the words to canvas in pencil. This is the tricky part as there is a lot of type that has to be aligned just right. Finally, I’ll paint over the pencil using white paint, which I water down to get the chalk effect.


As I work on this my heart is so heavy because my good friend lost her son recently, and I just returned from a visit with her. We cried and laughed and prayed for healing. The ups and downs of this life are sometimes brutal. I pray for my dear friend because she is so grieved. It is hard for her to even pray or feel anything through the numbness.

God calls us to, “Learn to do good.” I hope whoever owns this piece will be inspired to go to those who are hurting, have compassion, and stand in the gap for them. Remember, God loves the underdog. He triumphs in our weakness. Our sole purpose is to make his name GREAT! It’s not about me. 


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