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Around the Agency This Week

I hope everyone
enjoyed their week. Our agency is glad to welcome back the families that have
recently returned home from their travel!

We had a busy
week in our office with families coming in and out, new program work and ended the
week by celebrating the work of Aimee (Meier) Wilson in our China Program. We are
grateful for her work in this program and very grateful that we don’t have to
say “goodbye†to her. Aimee and her husband, Tim, are moving to Haiti to work
on behalf of AWAA’s Haiti
. The Wilsons have a great love for the people of Haiti and will
work in many different capacities, including helping to run our agency’s
guesthouse in Haiti.

There have been some
negative stories in the media recently about families who have had their
adoptions disrupted and then made poor choices regarding finding new
homes/families for these children. These stories are tragic; no child deserves
such a fate. We are grateful for the National Council For Adoption’s public
about these stories. This announcement points out that this
problem is in no way specific to international adoption but is also true for
domestic adoption and children who were living with their biological
birthparents. In other words, this is not an adoption issue but a greater child
welfare issue. If you ever know of a family considering a disruption, please
encourage them to work with competent child welfare professionals, including
adoption agencies, state/county officials and/or adoption attorneys.

Our Welcoming
Angels hosting program’s plan to host older children from China is being
postponed until Summer 2014. We’re still actively working to have this program
work and it’s not too early to contact us and let us know of your interest to
participate in the program.

We have a Zoo
Outing coming up on September 28th at the National Zoo. This will be
a time for families to enjoy the zoo and we will have a lunch together in a

Our agency’s
devotional Bible passage this morning was taken from 2 Corinthians 12, “… But he said to me, â€œMy grace is sufficient for you, for
my power is made perfect in weakness.â€
Our prayer this morning
was that our staff, our agency and our adoptive families would be dependent
upon God’s grace in all that we do. As a reminder, if you have any prayer
requests, please let us know how we can be praying for you. 

-Brian Luwis, CEO

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