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Are You Tired of Waiting?

We hope that the following post from Amy Maze will encourage those who, like her, are still waiting on their precious child. As you will read in her story, today marks Amy’s 2 year “paper-pregnancy anniversary” with her adoption.

Are You Tired of Waiting?

I'm overwhelmed at times by how much we wait and what we wait for… the election returns, for the check to come, for the plane to be first in line, for a prescription at the pharmacy, for a letter of acceptance from college, for a person's name to surface as you hold your frozen smile, for a skirt to go on sale, for the weather to get cooler or warmer, for the number on the scale to go up or down, for the cute person to look at you, for the creep to leave you alone, for your cold to go away, for your fever to go down, for gas prices to go down, for vacation, graduation, for Friday at five, for midnight on New Year's Eve, for a baby to be born…we are creatures who wait or try not to wait or who dare not wait or who are willing or unwilling to wait.

From the beginning of time waiting has been something we do quite a lot of.  The Old Testament is full of desperate people who were waiting for the Savior to come.  And when Jesus was miraculously born, they were shocked and surprised and many unwilling to accept his birth.  Since Jesus’ death, crucifixion, and resurrection, Christians have observed Advent which is the four week long season leading up to the celebration of Christmas.  Advent should remind us of our hope—that Jesus, who came to us as a child two thousand years ago, has promised to return.  Advent means “coming” or “arrival”.  And as we all know with any coming or arrival…waiting is always involved. 

I’ve learned a great deal about waiting throughout the last several years.  I’m celebrating my two year ‘paper pregnancy’ today- 2/25/09.  The whole process has become dreadfully slow and will take much longer than I had originally expected.  I’ve given it to the Lord and I know that he is in control of the outcome…whenever and whatever it may be.  I'm trying to stay focused on what I can do to prepare and plan for the sweet day when my Molly will be here. I know it will happen and I know God has purposed this wait for me for a reason…to grow me as a person and as a Christian, to show me anything worth having is worth waiting for, and to show me he is in control of EVERYTHING in my life. My journey to motherhood has involved more waiting than I could have ever imagined!  But I continue to hold onto the promise that God will fulfill my desire in his time…but I must wait!
Today I'm praying for the orphanage or foster parents who will raise my daughter during the first days, months, or possibly years of her life. I'm praying for loving care, gentleness, provisions, and patience for them. I'm praying for the CCAA and the government of China; for them to have softened hearts on the behalf of all of the orphans in their country, and with those softened hearts that they will allow more babies to be able to be with their forever families this year. I'm praying for change and improvements in International Adoptions all over the world. I'm praying for more countries to become single friendly and allow single parents to adopt. And finally, for all of the orphans in the world today…may somebody reach out to them and show them the love and security that only Jesus Christ can provide for them.

“Waiting for something wonderful is so much better than waiting for nothing…time passes regardless, so you might as well spend it waiting for that amazing moment!”

Amy Maze photo  Amy & her mom Dyeanne with Madison & Eddie (niece/nephew)

Amy Maze


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