April Ethiopia Referral!
May 9, 2016

Ethiopia ChopThe Ethiopia program is excited to announce that 1 referral was matched with a family in the month of April!

Below is information about the child referred this month and the DTE dates of the family with whom he was matched. 

ET Referral

Please keep the following in mind when reviewing the chart above:

  • Infant age range: Approximately 0-18 months
  • Toddler age range: Approximately 19-47 months

Due to the recent trends of received referrals, the wait time for female and male children ages 0-4 is 48-60 months from DTE.  This trend is based on recent history, but is subject to change and the overall trend is that the wait time is increasing. Though this is the current wait time it is not the timeframe all families should expect to experience. America World believes the wait time will continue to increase for healthy infants and toddlers.

Join us in praising God for the blessing of this referral!


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