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Another Good & Busy Week

I am traveling this week, but in communication with our staff back in the office as there is a lot going on. 

Many of your know the Warner Bros. movie Orphan came out this past weekend.   Our agency has joined with the Christian Alliance for Orphans to mark our distaste for a movie with such a negative theme toward adoption.  My friend, Tom Davis, has suggested a great way to protest this movie:  Use this as an opportunity to share a very positive story about an orphan and/or adoption in a public setting.  This could be on a personal blog, facebook, with friends or any other creative venue you can think of. 

We have a group of families in China this week.  As I think of families traveling, I always think back to my first time traveling to China and adopting my oldest daughter, Fei.  What a great, fun, nerve-racking and memorable experience it was for us and undoubtedly will be for these families. 

We have another family in El Salvador this week and are pleased to see the progress that is happening there.  I know I join with other families in this program as we pray for this family and families waiting on referrals.

Finally, this week America World is saying goodbye to Lauren Barnett.  Lauren has worked with our China Program for 3 years and has focused primarily on our Waiting Child Program.  She is moving to be closer to her family.   Her contribution to our agency has been very significant and it’s hard to imagine our China Program without her.  She’ll definitely be missed!


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